Why Is Nepal Known As The Amazon Of Asia?

May 25 . 2021, Hop Nepal

The word Amazon refers to the mother of a wide range of flora and fauna, which is appropriately suitable to describe the exclusive and astonishing biodiversity widespread in this minute. Still, well-built Nepal’s the Federal Democratic Republic. More than 80% of all Nepalese follows Hinduism, followed by Buddhism, Islam, Kiratism, Christianity and Animism contributing to the worldly environment of this stunning land.

Beautiful sovereign of Nepal

Some Reasons Behind Nepal Known As The Amazon Of Asia

Despite dwelling in a minuscule exterior region equivalent to only 0.3% of the land area within Asia, Nepal can pompously show off more than 900 strong varieties of extraordinary and multi-coloured species of birds, which description for approximately 9 per cent of the entire bird species in the planet. Therefore it is ideal for the one who is enthusiastic birdwatchers.

There are around 650 types of butterflies in Nepal which approximately explanation for approximately 4.2 % of all butterflies in the globe. They give out as an appeal to pull appliance to draw all environment lovers here. At the same time, the Nepalese National welcoming Namaste also means gesture the God in You, making every tourist feel greeted in this vibrant Himalayan nation.

Nepal also has an amazing assortment of about 5980 types of blossoming plants which description for 2.4% of comparable plants globally. Among these, as a minimum of 250 species of blossoming plants are widespread or exclusive to Nepal alone.

 Additional unique point situates in The Nepalese calendar which is varieties towards the western calendar dates and is marked as the Bikram Sambat where the Nepalese New Year is renowned all over the mid of April.

Aside from the one-horned rhino, snow leopard and swamp deer widespread in this Amazonian countryside, there are over 360 types of orchids in Nepal which offers company to 6 per cent of the rhododendron species of the world.

The natural reproduction ground of the extensive snouted Gharial crocodile is situated in this Nepalese wonderland and some of the major moths and wild honeybees that are recognized to human evolution. The blue poppy plant, another time just exceptional to Nepal, grows here at a ground flouting altitude of 5400m.

Additionally to the renowned Mt. Everest, Nepal can show to have 8 out of the 14 peaks in the complete world and an altitudinal difference that ranges from 70m right equal to 8848m ranging from including the immense altitude and the low points all in single ecological Amazonian sweep up.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, can show off of 7 world inheritance Unesco sites. These landmarks distance a radius of only more than 15 km but yet provide to create Kathmandu the one place on the planet with such prosperity and assortment.

The royal Bengal tiger attains an overwhelming position here and the Nepalese Cows treating as holy. Nepal is also residence to Lumbini, which is the place of birth of Lord Gautama Buddha. Therefore it is a cultural museum of a type that platform a huge variety of inheritance, plant, creature and traditionally applicable excess of things.

The enchanted peak Yeti which was initially marked long back in the Nepalese Himalayas, enclose acquired as much attention all through the complete world, together with the survival of ‘The only living’ Goddess Kumari who is detained in elevated regard in the minute but Amazonian peak country.

The geological Nepalese statistics are also favourable to cheering main trek destination and every type of exploit sports that ranges from a bungee jump, marathons, rafting and paragliding just able to intense mountain biking, skiing and kayaking. 


In primitive periods, a sage known as ‘Ne’ was the guardian (known as ‘pala’ in pali dialect) of this varied mountain vale. Thus the name Nepal stuck on. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay initially extents Mt Everest in 1953 and after then a lot of other attractive facets have come to the front, contributing to making Nepal the Amazon of Asia.

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