Quad Bike Nepal, Another Adventure Tourism in Chitlang, Nepal

Quad Bike Nepal, Chitlang, Nepal

Adventure Tourism is a rising craze amongst young tourists, and Quad Bike Nepal (QBN) just started the service of ATV ride in Chitlang, Nepal. Thousands of visitors and adventurers from all over Nepal are flooding into Chitlang to experience this new form of sports.

The adventure-based activity started in December of 2019 and is taking a significant form of tourism activity in Nepal and is likely to spread to other destinations. The article below deals with ATV rides by Quad Bike Nepal in Chitlang, Nepal and its support towards Visit Nepal 2020.

Who is Quad Bike Nepal?

Quad Bike Nepal (QBN) is a recent adventure tourism activity started in Chitlang, Nepal headed by The Adventure Gears P. Ltd. The opening ceremony was held on 18th December 2019.

It's an environment-friendly sports company that specialises in extreme sports and adventure trips. The main aim of the company is to provide the facilities for adventure tourism in a responsible and eco-friendly manner in Nepal.

QBN focuses on providing quad rides to visitors travelling to historical and regional areas of Nepal. As of now, Quad Bike Nepal offers ATV rides in Chitlang only. As per their website, a normal quad ride costs NRS 3,000 per hour.

About Quad Bike

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) popularly called quad bike is a four-wheeled quadri-cycle that travels on low tires. The rider is allowed to sit on top of it and operate it just like a motorcycle.

The extra wheels in the bike give the vehicle stability even at slower speeds. Quad Bikes are usually designed for off-road rides and can be enjoyed in deserts and muddy places.

Trip to Chitlang

Chitlang is an organic village located in Thaha Municipality in Makwanpur District, Nepal. It lies on the southwest side of Kathmandu Valley in the Mahabharat range.

The village is surrounded by Chandragiri Municipality in the north and east, Indrasarobar Rural Municipality in the south, and Bajrabarahi VDC in the west.

The village is about 22km (approx.) away from Kathmandu and is the only place in the world where Nepal's first motor cars were carried by people on their backs as the city still didn't have any motor roads.

Other Must-Sees in Chitlang

Chitlang is a combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage and offers guests an opportunity to stay at local homestays, where they can interact with the local.

The tourist site is home to 160 species of bird and bird watching is another activity one can undertake while in Chitlang.

Other major attractions of the place include Majhagau also known as Ashoka Chaitya built by Newari people, Satdhea (sat Dhara), Swachchhanda Vairav Temple, and an organic village resort. Chitlang also boasts of a goat cheese factory present in the area.

What is Adventure Tourism?

The term refers to the type of tourism in which a tourist or a visitor moves from her/his place of comfort to remote and exotic areas. This type of travel is today's fastest-growing and least understood forms of international tourism.

Nepal is amongst the best destinations for vacationers seeking adventure and exploration in the wilderness. Other adventure activities that travellers can find in Nepal besides Quad Bike Nepal are:

  1. Trekking,
  2. Rafting,
  3. Jungle Safari,
  4. Mountain Biking,
  5. Bungee Jumping,
  6. Peak Climbing,
  7. Bird Watching
  8. Ice Skating,
  9. Snowboarding, and
  10. Honey Hunting.

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